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Software architectures for scalable wide-area systems
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ISSG Goals

The charter for the Internet Systems and Storage Group (ISSG) is to investigate designs for next-generation distributed applications. As the Internet continues to permeate our daily lives, the way we access the system will inevitably change.  We believe that Internet services (both programs and data) will continue to become decentralized.  Thus, programs and data will adaptively migrate and replicate in response to changing network conditions, client access characteristics, and the importance of the information requested. Mobile code will blur the traditional lines between servers and clients, enabling programs to run at optimal network locations and data to dynamically flow to where it is required. 

Our goals for evolving the system in this direction include:

To achieve the above goals, a number of fundamental research issues must be addressed, such as resource allocation, load balancing, adaptive algorithms, system security, and data consistency.  The ISSG is currently investigating the following topics:

Past Efforts


The ISSG group has 200+ computers and 2+ terabytes of disk space to support research projects. Department members can find out more information on the Research Resources page.


This research is supported in part by a number of sources: