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Epidemic Routing

This is an ns-2 simulation of a wireless routing system that uses an epidemic algorithm to flood the network.

The final version of the Epidemic Routing ns-2 implementation is here:
The allinone file contains the ported code and a complete ns distribution for ns-2.1b7a
With ns-2 included, this code can still be recompiled even if you don't have that version of ns-2. It was developed and tested in in FreeBSD 4.1. There is an example, under Epi_Example, so you can start experimenting with the code right away. BTW, the implementation still has some memory leaks (but it is quite usable).

Tech Report
"Epidemic Routing for Partially-Connected Ad Hoc Networks," Amin Vahdat and David Becker, Duke Technical Report CS-2000-06, July 2000. Also submitted for publication. [PDF]