Internet Systems and Storage Group
Software architectures for Internet-scale computing


ISSG Goals

While we continue to investigate designs for next generation distributed applications, we are currently focusing our efforts on utility computing. Scalable automation of large-scale network services is a key challenge for computing systems research in the next decade. We are investigating software frameworks and policies to manage network services as utilities whose resources are automatically provisioned and sold according to demand, much as electricity is today. The physical resources to deliver these services reside in data centers and edge sites throughout the Internet. Our work is directed at a software infrastructure that continuously adapts the resource assignments for each service to respond to request load, quality-of-service targets (Service Level Agreements), and network conditions.

Current Projects

Past Efforts

    Internet Service Infrastructures
      Modelnet: An emulation of the wide area Internet, used to develop and analyze large scale distributed systems.
      Anypoint: Redirection architecture to support a general class of virtualized services using IP-based transports.
      Ivory: Automatic state management for replicated Internet services.
    Network Storage
      Slice: Explores techniques for building unified massive-data storage systems from inexpensive components connected by a high-speed network.
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    The ISSG group has 200+ computers and 2+ terabytes of disk space to support research projects.
    Department members can find out more information on the Research Resources page.


    This research is supported in part by a number of sources:
    • NSF grants
    • Hewlett Packard Corporation
    • IBM Corporation
    • Network Appliance